Why is Ventilator so Important in COVID-19 Treatment?

Apr. 08, 2020

With the improvement of domestic epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work, resumption of production, and resumption of school are proceeding in an orderly manner. However, foreign countries have ushered in the outbreak of the epidemic. Many countries began to lack medical protective substances and ventilators. Under the situation of China's epidemic situation stabilizing, countries began to rush to order medical supplies produced in China. 

Non-Invasive Ventilator

Non-Invasive Ventilator

COVID-19 is an acute respiratory tract infection disease. At present, there is no clinical or medical means to cure it, but the ventilator plays an important role in the treatment of COVID-19. So, let's take a look at what is a ventilator, and what role does the ventilator play in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia?

What is a ventilator?

Non-Invasive Ventilator is an effective method that can artificially replace the autonomous ventilation function. It has been widely used in respiratory failure, respiratory support therapy and emergency resuscitation caused by various reasons. It occupies a very important position in the field of modern medicine. Ventilator is divided into invasive ventilator and non-invasive ventilator. Invasive ventilator is what we call tracheal intubation. The use of invasive ventilator generally means that the patient can no longer maintain respiratory function or the respiratory function has failed.

The medical non-invasive ventilator does not cause any wounds to the patient. While greatly reducing the risk of infection, it can also cooperate with the patient's spontaneous breathing to maintain stable blood oxygen saturation. It is mostly used in the treatment stage to help patients reduce the burden on their lungs and improve their own blood gas oxygenation indicators.

What role does the ventilator play in the treatment of COVID-19?

In this pneumonia epidemic caused by COVID-19, the ventilator plays a very important role. COVID-19 will damage the lung function and produce a lot of mucus in the lungs, which hinders the absorption of oxygen, reduces the blood oxygen saturation concentration, and further harms the body. The function of the ventilator is to deliver oxygen through the body to ensure the oxygen content in the blood, maintain the life activities of critically ill patients, and gain time for more clinical treatment methods.

According to WHO data, one in every six new crown patients will have severe illness and dyspnea. In severe cases, the lungs of the severely injured patient are unable to breathe spontaneously, and the oxygen content in the body drops, so they have to use a ventilator.

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