What is Graphite Electrodes' High-Speed Processing Strategy?

Apr. 03, 2020

As a Graphite Electrodes Manufacturer, share with you.

Graphite has high temperature strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, good processability, and good thermal and electrical conductivity. Therefore, graphite electrodes are widely used in metallurgy, electric furnaces, electric discharge machining and other fields. In terms of EDM, the development of new graphite electrode materials and their processing technologies has expanded the scope of EDM applications and improved their performance.

Graphite Electrodes

Graphite Electrodes

Graphite Electrodes has the advantages of less electrode consumption, faster processing speed, better machining performance, higher machining accuracy, less thermal deformation, lighter weight, easier surface treatment, higher temperature resistance, higher processing temperature, electrode bonding, etc. compared with copper electrodes.

Although graphite is a very easy-to-cut material, the graphite material used as an EDM electrode must have sufficient strength to avoid damage during operation and EDM processing, while the electrode shape (thin-walled, small rounded corners, sharp changes) Etc. also put forward higher requirements on the grain size and strength of graphite electrodes, which results in graphite workpieces being easily broken and the tools being easily worn during processing. Therefore, how to prevent the workpiece from chipping, improve the surface processing quality, and reduce the cost of processing tools has become an important issue for graphite electrode processing.

Usually conventional turning, milling, and grinding methods can be used to meet the needs of processing simple shapes of electrodes, but in recent years, the requirements for the complexity of electrode geometry have continued to increase. High-speed machining with high machining surface quality and high machining accuracy has made graphite electrode high-speed machining a hot spot in mold EDM processing. Many manufacturers have launched graphite high-speed machining centers. For example, the spindle speed is usually 10,000 to 60,000 r / min, the feed speed can reach more than 60m / min, the processing wall thickness is less than 1mm, and the minimum fillet radius is less than 0.2mm.

As the high-speed machining of EDM graphite electrodes is still a new process, the processing properties of different graphite materials are also different. For the problems of workpiece chipping, tool wear, and processing strategies in high-speed graphite electrode processing, few domestic documents mention it. This article introduces the research results of high-performance graphite electrode materials machining in Japan and Germany, including the basic theory of graphite electrode material cutting mechanism, cutting temperature, tool wear, chip processing, etc., as well as high-speed processing strategies and processing of graphite electrode materials. Preferences, etc.

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