Super High Power Graphite Electrode:

Super High Power Graphite Electrode including RP, RPI, HP, SHP and UHP are widely used in Electric Arc Furnace and Ladle furnace for making alloy steel or other metals and nonferrous metal.

Product Description

Super High Power Graphite Electrode mainly comes from domestic petroleum coke and imported needle coke, which is widely used in electric arc furnace, ladle furnace, submerged arc furnace, etc. to produce alloy steel, metal and non-metal materials.

Our graphite electrodes include normal power, high power, special high power and ultra high power. They have the characteristics of low electrical resistivity, good electrical and thermal conductivity, high oxidation and thermal shock resistance, and high mechanical strength. Our factory offers various sizes and grades to meet customer requirements for specific applications.

In order to meet the requirements of higher work efficiency and lower total cost, large-capacity ultra-high-power electric arc furnaces are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, Super High Power Graphite Electrode with a diameter of more than 500 mm will dominate the market.

Super High Power Graphite Electrodes features:

◆ Lower electric resistivity, good electric and heat conductivity;

◆ High mechanical strength under high temperature;
◆ High resistance to thermal shock and mechanical vibration;
◆ Lower ash content;
◆ According to the customer's feedback information, our electrodes used in EAF/LF with the pretty lower consumption per ton steel.

Applications of Super High Power Graphite Electrode:

1. For electric arc furnace

Electric furnace steelmaking is the main purpose of High Power Graphite Electrodes. At present, the output of electric furnace steel accounts for about 18% of the output of crude steel, and graphite electrodes for steelmaking account for 70% to 80% of the total consumption of graphite electrodes. A High Power Graphite Electrode is used to introduce electric current into the furnace, and is used for smelting through a high-temperature heat source generated by the arc between the electrode end and the electric charge.

2. Used in mine electric furnace

The ore thermoelectric furnace is mainly used to produce industrial silicon, yellow phosphorus, etc. Its characteristic is that the lower part of the conductive electrode is buried in the charge to form an arc in the charge layer, and the resistance generated by the thermal charge itself is used to heat the charge. For example, about 100 kg of graphite electrodes are needed to produce 1 ton of silicon, and about 40 kg of graphite electrodes are needed to produce 1 ton of yellow phosphorus.

3. For resistance furnace

Graphitization furnaces for the production of graphite products, furnaces for melting glass and electric furnaces for the production of silicon carbide are all resistance furnaces. The material in the furnace is both a heating resistor and a heated object. Graphite electrodes generally used for conducting electricity are buried in the furnace wall at the end of the resistance furnace, and the graphite electrodes used here are for discontinuous consumption. Ladle furnace graphite electrodes are reasonably priced, welcome to consult.

4. Used to prepare special graphite products

High Power Graphite Electrode blanks are also used to process special graphite products such as various crucibles, molds, containers and heating bodies. For example, in the quartz glass industry, 10t graphite electrode blanks are required for every 1t molten tube. It takes 100 kilograms of graphite electrode blanks to produce 1 ton of quartz bricks.

Sinometal products with high strength, good conductivity and thermal shock resistance, low consumption are widely used in metallurgical Industries all over the world. In last decade, our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, Europe, Africa and other area for total more than 30 countries. We have a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about the Graphite technology and also on-site service technicians who are very experienced in a variety of furnaces, which is a distinct advantage for the users.

Super High Power Graphite Electrode Specification

ItemUnitNominal Diameter

Electric ResistivityelectrodeμΩ·m≤5.0≤5.5≤6.0≤6.5≤8.5≤9.0
Transverse StrengthelectrodeMPa≥15.0≥10.5≥8.0≥7.0
Young's Modulus electrodeGPa≤14.0≤12.0≤9.3
Bulk Densityelectrodeg/cm3≥1.68≥1.65≥1.54
Coefficient of thermal expansionelectrode10-6/ºC≤1.5≤2.0≤2.5

Super High Power Graphite Electrode

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