What are the Consumption Mechanisms of Graphite Electrodes?

May. 29, 2020

As a Graphite Electrodes Manufacturer, share with the answers and answers. The graphite electrode is a high temperature resistant graphite conductive material made of petroleum coke, pitch coke as aggregate, coal pitch as binder, calcined, crushed and ground, batching, kneading, forming, roasting, dipping, graphitization and processing . It is different from the natural graphite electrode prepared with natural graphite as raw material. Choosing the appropriate graphite electrode material, we all know that graphite has the characteristics of other metal materials that cannot be replaced. Because of the choice of materials, the actual choice of Graphite Electrodes is often a feature that many people are confused. The selection of materials is based on graphite electrodes, and there are many.

Graphite Electrodes

Graphite Electrodes

1. End consumption

Including the sublimation of graphite material caused by arc high temperature and the loss of chemical reaction between the electrode end and molten steel and slag. It is also related to whether the electrode is inserted into molten steel to increase carbon. The high-temperature sublimation rate of the end part mainly depends on the current density through the electrode, and the second is related to the diameter of the electrode side after oxidation

2. Side oxidation

The amount of oxidation on the side of the electrode is related to the unit oxidation rate and the exposed area. In general, the amount of oxidation on the electrode side accounts for about 50% of the total electrode consumption. In recent years, in order to increase the smelting speed of electric furnaces, the frequency of oxygen blowing operations has been increased, resulting in increased oxidation losses of the electrodes.

3. Stump loss

When the electrode is used continuously to the connection between the upper and lower electrodes, a small section of electrode or joint (ie, the residue) is detached due to the thinning of the body or the penetration of cracks.

4. The electrode is broken

Including broken electrode body and broken connector. The electrode breakage is related to the quality and processing coordination of the graphite electrode and the joint, as well as the steelmaking operation.

5. Surface peeling and falling

In the smelting process, it is quenched and heated rapidly, resulting in poor thermal shock resistance of the electrode itself.

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