Tips for the Using of Graphite Electrode

Sep. 30, 2021

As a graphite products supplier, I'd like to introduce it to you.

Graphite electrode is a type of graphite products. Graphite electrodes are mainly made of petroleum coke and needle coke as raw materials, coal tar pitch as a binding agent, calcination, batching, kneading, pressing, roasting, graphitization, and machining. Graphite electrode is a conductor that releases electric energy in the form of electric arc to heat and melt the charge in an electric arc furnace. According to its quality index, it can be divided into ordinary power, high power and ultra-high power.

Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature and is not corroded by any strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent, so it can be used as a refractory material. Graphite products maintain the original chemical properties of flake graphite and have strong self-lubricating properties. Because graphite has many excellent properties, it is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electrical, chemical, textile, national defense and other industrial sectors.


Graphite Electrodes

Graphite Electrodes

Graphite electrode, as a high-quality graphite product, is a conductor that releases electric energy in the form of an electric arc to heat and melt the charge in an electric arc furnace.


Precautions during the use of graphite electrodes.


1. Moisture-proof---Avoid rain, water, or dampness, and it must be dried before use.

2. Anti-collision---Handle with care to prevent damage from impact and collision during transportation.

3. Anti-cracking --- When using bolts to fasten the electrode, pay attention to prevent bursting under force.

4. Anti-breaking---graphite is brittle, especially small, narrow and long electrodes, which are easy to break when external force acts.

5. Dust-proof---Dust-proof device should be provided during mechanical processing to reduce the impact on human body and the environment.

6. Smoke prevention --- EDM is prone to produce a lot of smoke screens, and ventilation devices are required.

7. Prevent carbon deposits--- graphite is easy to deposit carbon during electric discharge. Pay close attention to its processing state during electric discharge machining.


Some performance characteristics of graphite electrodes.

1. Graphite electrodes consume less electricity, save electricity consumption per unit of steelmaking, save production costs, and save energy!

2. Since the graphite electrode is replaced less frequently, the labor and risk factors of the operators are reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.

3. Graphite electrode is a low-consumption and low-pollution product. It has very important social significance today when energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection are promoted.

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