Selection and Use of Adhesives in the Production of Graphite Electrodes and Graphite Products

Oct. 14, 2021

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The purpose of adding a binder to the production of graphite electrodes and graphite products is to bond various particles as aggregates, and to make the kneaded hot paste have good plasticity in order to form the production of graphite electrodes and graphite products. The purpose of adding binders, It binds various particles as aggregates, and makes the kneaded hot paste have good plasticity for molding. In the roasting process of the formed raw product, the pitch coke produced by the coking of the binder itself firmly connects the aggregate particles into a whole.

Graphite Electrodes

Graphite Electrodes

The quality and physical and mechanical properties of various graphite electrodes and graphite products depend to a large extent on the nature of the binder and the infiltration, penetration and bonding force of the binder to the carbon material particles.

The binders used in graphite electrodes and graphite products are made of thermoplastic materials. Thermoplastic material is solid at room temperature, it melts into liquid when it is slightly heated, and can be adsorbed by carbon material particles to bond to each other into a paste. After the paste is press-formed, it can be hardened and fixed in shape after a little cooling, so it is easy to stack and Handling. The binder should have a higher carbon content and residual carbon ratio (ie, the percentage of coking residual carbon after roasting). In addition, the adhesive must be a material that is relatively inexpensive and can be supplied in large quantities. At present, only coal pitches can better meet the above requirements. Coal pitch can be divided into soft pitch (softening point below 65℃, measured by mercury method), medium pitch (softening point 6575℃) and hard pitch (softening point above 75℃) according to its softening point. For coal pitch without special treatment, the higher the softening point, the higher the free carbon content, the lower the volatile content, and the greater the residual carbon rate after roasting. At present, most carbon plants use medium pitch as a binder, and only a few plants use hard pitch. Using hard asphalt can improve the quality of products, such as density and mechanical strength. However, the use of hard asphalt must increase the melting temperature of the asphalt and the temperature of the kneading type. For some products (such as all electrode pastes in enclosed calcium carbide furnaces or ferroalloy furnaces), in order to appropriately speed up the sintering speed of electrode pastes, it is necessary to add a small amount of coal tar or anthracene oil to the medium pitch to reduce the softening point of the binder to about 50°C . When producing fine seam pastes for building blast furnace carbon blocks, more anthracene oil or coal tar is required to be added.

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