Non-Invasive Ventilator:

Non-Invasive Ventilator

In the 6th Edition of China National health commission Coronavirus pneumonia treatment, there is equipment called Humidified high flow nasal cannula oxygen ventilator has been highly recommended, it has been widely adopted in the Hospital in Wuhan treating the Coronavirus Pneumonia and approved very effective.

Function and Features of the Non-Invasive Ventilator:

1.  The equipment is equipped with automatic oxygen concentration adjustment, intelligent temperature and humidity control system to provide patients high flow, steady and accurate humidified warm air-O2 mixture.

2.  The accurate oxygen concentration will rapidly improve patient's oxygenation level, and the warm and humid air will maintain the Airway Mucus Hypersecretion hair in its best condition to reduce the phlegm generated from the pulmonary inflammation, avoid the respiratory distress syndrome caused by the phlegm which is highly threatening the life of Coronavirus pneumatic patients.

3.  It will flush the anatomical dead space and reduce the inhalation of oxygen dioxide.  

4. adopt a unique safety design, the inhalation from the patient will not backflow to the equipment, and no need to disinfect the equipment to avoid the crossover infection.

5.  Easy to operate, no special operation technique is necessarily required to operate the machine,

6.  Reduce the risk of exposure of doctors and nurses to the highly infectious virus.

7. Provide respiratory support to patients after removing the invasive ventilator in ICU. 

The quantity of Humidified high flow nasal cannula oxygen ventilator used in the treatment is 4 times than that of the invasive ventilator in the hospital of Wuhan. When an invasive ventilator has to be used, the chance to save life become low, if the humidified high flow nasal cannula oxygen ventilator is used in due time, a lot of life can be saved.

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