What is the Safety of Graphite Products?

Jun. 10, 2020

As a Graphite Electrodes Supplier, share with you.

Graphite bearings use graphite as the main substrate in graphite products. They have strong self-lubricating properties and corrosion resistance. They cannot use lubricating oil for a long time, and are mostly used in sliding bearings. Graphite rods are commonly used in electric heaters of high-temperature vacuum furnaces. The maximum operating temperature can reach 3000°C. It is easy to oxidize at high temperatures. Except for vacuum, it can only be used in a neutral atmosphere or a reducing atmosphere. It has a small thermal expansion coefficient, a large thermal conductivity, a resistivity of (8~13)×10-6 Ω·m, better workability than SiC and MoSi2 rods, high temperature resistance, excellent cold and extreme heat resistance, and price Cheaper. The graphite electrode is mainly made of petroleum coke and needle coke as raw materials, and coal pitch as a binder. It is made by calcination, batching, kneading, pressing, roasting, graphitization, and machining. It releases electrical energy in the form of an electric arc in an electric arc furnace. The conductor that heats and melts the charge can be divided into ordinary power, high power and ultra-high power according to its quality index. Graphite electrodes mainly include ordinary power graphite electrodes, oxidation-resistant coated graphite electrodes, high-power graphite electrodes and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes. Graphite block is a kind of artificial graphite, and artificial graphite is made by manual heating of coke products. Generally, if the purification is made for high purity or carbon fiber, the added value is higher.

Graphite Electrodes

Graphite Electrodes

Used for submersible pump bearings in transportation machinery, dryers, textile machinery, food, beverage, textile, chemical and other industries. Graphite materials are usually used to manufacture pressure-resistant sintering boats. Single crystal silicon single crystal growth crucibles, area refining vessels, brackets, fixtures, induction heaters, etc. are all made of high-purity graphite. In addition, graphite can also be used as components of high temperature resistance furnaces such as vacuum metallurgical graphite insulation boards and bases, tubes, rods, plates, grids and so on.

Forming and making refractory graphite crucible at high temperature, high refractory, low thermal expansion, metal penetration and stable erosion during metal smelting, good thermal shock resistance, excellent electrical conductivity, so it is widely used in direct molten metal the process of. High-purity graphite products for high-purity metal smelting, electronics industry, nuclear industry and manufacturing molds; general articles for decomposing trough aluminum, powder metallurgy sintering furnace, ferroalloy ore furnace and other masonry materials.

Graphite products are highly safe-no radioactive pollution, because carbon needs to pass through at least ten days and nights of graphitization process management in China's high temperature environment of 2,000 to 3,000 degrees to develop into graphite in China. Therefore, graphite The material culture of poisonous and harmful society has long been released, and it is stable at least within two thousand degrees.

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