Is the Carbon Electrode the Same as Graphite Electrodes?

Jul. 02, 2020

As for the carbon electrode and the graphite electrode, we may not be very clear. Today, HP Graphite Electrodes Manufacturer will briefly introduce it.

Carbon electrodes are not the same as graphite electrodes. Carbon cloth electrodes come in many sizes and thicknesses, but they are basically like a piece of fabric. They are flexible. On the other hand, graphite electrodes are not flexible. They are usually rod-shaped and feel and look like pencils. Pencil lead is mainly graphite, the difference is mainly purity. Pencil lead may be part of clay filler and other things.

Magnesia-Carbon Brick

Magnesia-Carbon Brick

What are carbon electrodes and graphite electrodes? Carbon cloth electrodes can be used, for example, in fuel cells. They are usually coated with particles of precious metal catalysts and used as permeable membranes/electrodes on which electrochemical semi-reactions occur. On the other hand, graphite electrodes are used industrially in the manufacture of electric arc furnace steel. The carbon cloth is not very good in the electric arc furnace, I can imagine graphite flakes will be very painful in the fuel cell.

Graphite Electrodes calcination process

Carbon materials are heat-treated at a high temperature to discharge the moisture and volatiles contained, and to increase the original cooking performance accordingly is called calcination. Generally, the carbonaceous raw material is calcined by using gas and its own volatile matter as the heat source, and the maximum temperature is 1250-1350°C.

(1) Calcination has profoundly changed the structure and physical and chemical properties of carbonaceous raw materials, mainly reflected in the improvement of coke density, mechanical strength and electrical conductivity, and improved the chemical stability and anti-oxidation performance of coke, which is a subsequent process Foundation.

(2) The calcination equipment mainly includes pot calciner, rotary kiln and electric calciner. The calcination quality control indicators are that the true density of petroleum coke is not less than 2.07g/cm3, the resistivity is not greater than 550μΩ.m, the true density of needle coke is not less than 2.12g/cm3, and the resistivity is not greater than 500μΩ.m.

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